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9 Trailblazing Tiktok Entrepreneurs And What You Can Learn From Them
9 Trailblazing Tiktok Entrepreneurs And What You Can Learn From Them
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Read more about buy TT Share here. It took Nathan uploading 10 videos to SteakUmm’s TikTok before one video caught steam. And, even after that viral video, it took another 40 before another one followed suit. Putting a unique spin on an existing trend can be just as valuable. Finding inspiration from the For You Page is a great strategy, but you don’t have to be tied down to what’s already happening out there. While so much of TikTok is about jumping on the trends and finding ideas on the For You Page, it can also be about trying new things and creating original concepts. Regardless of what kind of video you’re creating, the text on your video should always help tell a story.



If you want a successful ad with a creator, get to know them and their work. If you allow them that creative freedom, it’s only going to help you get the most out of your campaigns. "So you post the video, they’ll release it to a bunch of people. If they like it, then they’ll release it to more and so on.



With enough traction, your track can go viral and remain on the app’s Trending feed for weeks. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, TikTok and Minaj invited influencers from the app to chat over Zoom with the Grammy-winning artist as part of TikTok's Black History Month celebration, according to creators who attended. But after the event, Black TikTok stars took to social media to share their frustrations about how the event, which allegedly had a 300 person limit, was dominated by non-Black creators. Charli’s videos were also algorithmic gold because of the content itself – as most TikTokers at the time posted either lip-syncing or humorous videos. So in terms of originality, her dance videos stood out right from the start.



The short-form video app saw rapid growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users found time to explore the platform and connect with their online audiences in new ways. In Q1 2020, the rapid rise of TikTok set the record for the most downloads in a single quarter for a social app, at 315 million installs. Luis Duval started his TikTok journey in 2020 and since then has grown his account to over 2 million followers. Luis is hilarious, charismatic and extremely entertaining.



In that series, my largest video has over 30 million views. Now, the influencer boasts over two million followers on TikTok, where he's helping to change the perception of who makeup is for in terms of gender and ability. As a person without limbs, Adams-Wheatley has had to get creative about how he uses products that are typically designed with two-handed people in mind.



After allegedly sexually harassing her "TikTok boyfriend" Jack Wright. Topics such as rape and sexual harassment cannot be taken lightly. This specific case has definitely looked different from many others though, as the entirety of it has been handled through the realms of social media which is extremely harmful. "I’ve heard of the trick of duetting the dance video you want to learn and putting it in slow motion to see all the moves slower," the TikTok celeb explained.



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