By participating as a supporter you and your company can benefit from the positive exposure generated by such a precedent. Collaborations will increase visibility, enhance entity reputation, fulfill a social responsibility to “give back” to the community and give PSSI a broad range of resources necessary for future program implementation. There would be the opportunity to directly market to a new generation of potential long-term customers; create a new marketing/branding position; heighten the appreciation of your existing customer base; and lastly, contribute to the safety and well-being of our future leaders of the industry. In our opinion, this is a great opportunity to show support and to be recognized as a leader in the community that is interested in life, family, wellness, sports, health, and the continued education of our youth.

Professional Sports Services, Inc. welcomes support efforts in:

Corporate and Philanthropy Partners

Supporting our online on and off-court speaker series, Providing mentorship or internship opportunities. Change Supporting and Providing to Support and Provide.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships align long-term corporate giving with multi-year, joint program development that provides mobility solutions. These partnerships may include launching new initiatives, implementing new developments, and funding programs of excellence.

  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Connect your employees to the cause through fundraising and workplace giving. Multiply employee giving through matching gifts, learning experiences, and service days.
  • CAUSE MARKETING: Increase sales, build brand awareness and demonstrate your commitment to mobilizing individuals. Initiatives include a donation with purchase, hosting fundraising events for customers, and a percentage of sales donations.
  • EVENT SPONSORSHIP: Sponsor event with different tier levels opportunities that engage in primary, long, and shorts term, support towards PSSI’s ongoing program initiatives around our “WE CHOOSE” CAUSE that creates life changing experiences for our youth.

In-Kind Gifts

Program Partners

Company suggested timely support efforts inline with our cause approach Let’s “WE CHOOSE” Together!

In-Kind Gifts

Offered support program tier efforts for all events as follows


hey will be five different platform tiers ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. Tiers offered will be for 2 to 10 events after a reoccurring monthly fee will apply. Different sponsor tier names will apply. LEARN MORE. Hit learn more tab and information will appear.

Brand Partnerships

We want to Brand-Build Partners to develop mutually beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that share the same common goal with youth continued success stories.

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